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Executive Coaching – Digital Marketing Consulting: 

As a member of your business or brand leadership team would you like to enhance your social media marketing skill set, raise your profile, better promote your business, or better engage with fans, followers, or employees?  Matt Gentile, Managing Director, IMG Digital Group, will consult with you on best practices, enhance your online profile and drive more business leads.

Additional digital marketing services outlined below.

Digital Audit:  Fees to be determined based on needs assessment.

To better understand the digital environment of your brand or business IMG Digital Group will conduct a complete audit of your digital footprint. The audit will comprise a questionnaire for staff as well as a comprehensive review of your Web presence.  Specific learnings from the audit will be presented in a Social Media Strategy Guide.

Consultative Session and Set-Up: Fees to be determined based on needs assessment.
(Fee waived if IMG Digital Group selected as the social agency.)

To develop an effective digital strategy for your personal brand / business, it is important to gain clarity on the goals and objectives of the engagement.  A one-half day planning session is recommended to enable IMG Digital Group to gain insights into the company, align the organization’s goals to the digital environment, and conduct in-person meetings with company leadership.  Based on the learnings from this session, IMG Digital Group will develop a go-forward Digital Marketing Action Plan document that includes recommendations on digital marketing services, social networks, community management, digital advertising, media buying, leadership involvement, and a detailed cost proposal.

My BFF Social Media Strategy:

All elements of the My BFF Social Strategy outlined below:

Pricing is negotiable for long-term contracts and retainer agreements.

Social Media Marketing Services Pittsburgh

Building an Audience:

Through detailed analysis of your business goals and objectives and an application of social media best practices, the IMG Digital Group will:

  • Design branded profiles and business pages for your business / brand.
  • Complete relevant social network profiles to optimize your digital reputation.
  • Leverage digital / social media advertising and a customized content strategy to build an audience for your business / brand.

Fostering Online Relationships:

In today’s “always-on” media environment, your customers, prospects, and competitors are researching your business online.  What they find out about you has a powerful influence on whether or not they do business with you.  All of this activity is happening before they initiate contact.
To ensure you are making a great first impression online and fostering those online relationships, IMG Digital Group will:

  • Develop a digital content strategy that provides a consistent digital drumbeat of engaging visual content and social media post-copy.
  • Provide updated cover art and regularly scheduled About Us updates for all relevant social networks.
  • Design a cogent digital path to your website or CRM System from all social networks that are relevant to your personal brand / business objectives.

Follow Up:

Social media for business is a new way of thinking and it requires discipline and process to achieve results.  While social media has great potential to expand your business, its potential is amplified when combined with a strong consumer response capability.  To ensure you are maximizing your return on investment, IMG Digital Group will:

  • Monitor inbound business inquiries and comments from consumers
  • Engage consumers through a series of standardized responses to be developed in tandem between the IMG Digital Group and client
  • Develop business rules for escalation of consumer comments / complaints

IMG Digital Group will provide quarterly reports on agreed upon key performance metrics achieved via social media marketing services and conduct regularly scheduled conference calls to ensure continuity of the goals and objectives throughout the engagement.


  • Advertising
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Digital reputation management
  • Media buying
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Public relations
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Video production
  • Website development
  • Spanish-language marketing services available

IMG Digital Group is a digital marketing consultancy specializing in digital marketing and advertising, branding, public relations, and media buying with global headquarters based in Pittsburgh.