Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing

The Social Media Marketing Strategy is designed to help businesses make sense of their digital / social media strategy. To put some structure and process behind what for many is a confusing, dark, money-pit where marketing dollars go without a clear path to achieve business objectives. In short, My BFF stands for My Business Friends Forever.

Build an Audience:

By growing the right audience for your products and services, you have the opportunity to reach customers and prospects who have voluntarily “Liked” your page.  The simple action of selecting the Like or Follow button tells you that the consumer is interested in learning more about your products and services.  Why not make them your new BFF!

Think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube as your virtual storefront only, in this case, potential customers are visiting your store 24/7. They may not buy the first time, but the more customers who visit and the more they come back, the greater your chances are of selling them your product or service.  Growing an audience for your business is step number one and today it is easier than ever. Publishing a continuous drumbeat of great content is important, but the fastest way to build an audience for your social media networks is through advertising.  At IMG Digital Group, we specialize in social media advertising campaigns. Social advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.

social media marketingTo ensure you build out your social sphere efficiently,
IMG Digital Group will conduct a detailed analysis of your business goals and objectives and apply best practices including:

  • Create and design branded profiles and business pages on relevant social networks.
  • Maintain relevant social network profiles (update artwork and About Us pages) to optimize your digital reputation.
  • Design custom social ad campaigns that drive your target audience to your core business objectives (website traffic, leads, page growth, etc.)

Foster Relationships Online:

In today’s “always-on” media environment, your customers are researching you and your business online well before they contact you.  What they find out has a powerful influence on whether or not they do business with you.  All of this activity is happening before they initiate contact.
To ensure you are making a great first impression online and fostering those online relationships, IMG Digital Group will:

  • Develop a digital content strategy that provides a consistent digital drumbeat of engaging visual content and social media posts that reinforce your business or brand’s unique value proposition.
  • Design a cogent digital path to your website from all social networks that are relevant to your personal brand / business objectives.
  • Continually research your audience and your competition to ensure your social media marketing is reaching the right people.

Follow Up:

Social media for business is a new way of thinking and it requires discipline and process to achieve results.  While social media has great potential to expand your business, its potential is amplified when combined with a strong consumer response capability.  To ensure you are maximizing your return on investment, IMG Digital Group will:

  • Monitor inbound business inquiries / comments from consumers.
  • Engage consumers through a series of standardized responses to be developed in tandem between the IMG Digital Group and client.
  • Develop business rules for escalation of consumer comments / complaints.
  • IMG Digital Group will provide quarterly reports on agreed upon key performance metrics and conduct regularly scheduled conference calls to ensure continuity of the goals and objectives throughout the engagement.

Additional Services:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Media training
  • Social media marketing
  • Speech and video script development
  • Spanish-language marketing services
  • Video production
  • Website development

IMG Digital Group is a digital marketing consultancy specializing in advertising, branding, consulting, executive coaching, public relations, social media marketing.